Recovery Options & Care
Which level of care is right for me?
Medically Assisted Detox is the critical first step when a person is physically dependent on an addictive substance and when stopping that substance is hazardous to their physical health. 24/7 medical supervision and common substitute medications are used to help each client safely and comfortably ease off of the addictive substance. The primary focus in detox is the physical dependency, but the clinical team helps the client to reflect on their addiction and transition into treatment ready to actively pursue sobriety.
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Residential Treatment Programs offer the client the opportunity to live on site, in a campus setting, where they can focus on their recovery while participating in an addiction recovery program. The treatment program varies based on the individual, but is usually focused around stabilization and addressing major trauma and/or mental health issues. Clients are provided with 24/7 clinical supervision, prepared meals, and a robust clinical schedule.
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Partial Hospital Program
Partial Hospitalization Programs are similar to Residential Programs from a clinical perspective and is usually focused around stabilization and addressing major trauma and/or mental health issues. At the PHP level of care, the client will usually live in off-site housing provided by the treatment facility and each client should expect 30–35 hours per week of clinical therapy. While the provided housing is monitored, clients will begin reinforcing positive life skills and becoming more independent.
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Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program is a step down from the clinical intensity of a Residential or Partial Hospitalization Program. At the IOP level of care clients will attend 10-15 hours of group and individual therapy per week where the primary focus will be on any emotional or mental health "sticking points" they were unable to resolve at a higher level of care. Other focuses will include developing life skills, overcoming barriers to independence, and establishing a personal recovery program for post-treatment. Our IOP offers flexible daytime and evening groups so the clients may return to work, school, or taking care of their family without sacrificing their recovery.

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Outpatient Program

An Outpatient Program is the last phase in the treatment spectrum. Following successful completion of an Intensive Outpatient Program, the client will step down to the OP level of care where they will attend one group and one individual session per week. This phase of treatment is clinically similar to an Intensive Outpatient Program, but focuses on continued self-maintenance, life balance, and independent recovery.

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Continuing Care
Addiction doesn't disappear after treatment, so the individual must be active in their recovery. Regular individual sessions with a therapist along with weekly AA/NA meetings are encouraged to keep recovering addicts on the right path.
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