Alternative Therapies
Alternative Therapies
Everyone has a unique path to sobriety and some methodologies resonate more with clients than others. At Ally Recovery Group, we are constantly fine-tuning our clinical program and are proud to offer the following alternative therapies
Exercise Therapy
Art Therapy
Equine Therapy
Client Care
Doctor Visits
Clients in our Intensive Outpatient Program can expect to see a licensed physician on site weekly to address general health issues and manage current medications.
Client Advocate
The sole responsibility of our Client Advocates is to ensure that treatment is going smoothly and that our clients are moving towards a healthy and independent lifestyle. Bi-weekly interviews will address treatment progress, sober home living, job hunting.
Resume Building and Vocational Training
We have partnered with multiple training facilities that assist our clients with re-gaining their independence through resume building, vocational training, and job placement.
Nutrition Counseling
The mind is our most valuable organ, and it relies heavily on a healthy diet to function properly. Our nutritionist will guide each client on proper nutrition and eating habits to ensure their brain is functioning at a high level and primed for recovery.
We work with the following insurance providers